At the regularly scheduled February meeting of the Board of Education held on Monday night, members of the board of education from Marietta Public Schools voted to rehire four of the district’s principals and accepted the resignation of a fifth.

Rehired were Assistant High School Principal Ron Norman, who just completed his second year with the district; Carrie Tucker, middle school principal, who is completing her fifth year at Marietta; Elementary Principal Dana McMillin, in her 11th year of service; and Ann Rutledge, principal at the primary school, who will complete her 18th year with MPS in May.

The board also formally accepted the resignation of Adam Sherfield. Sherfield, who has served as the high school principal for the past five years, is moving away from the area.

According to Superintendent Brandi Naylor, the district has posted the high school principal’s position, has begun receiving applicants, and is planning to begin interviewing for the position soon.

Naylor was rehired as superintendent during the January board meeting. She is completing her fifth year as superintendent, having served the district previously as a teacher and middle school principal.