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Marietta is a small, friendly city and the county seat in Love County, Oklahoma. The fertile land near the Red River first attracted settlers to Marietta. Today, our close-knit community offers a friendly, supportive atmosphere to residents and visitors alike.


In 1887, the Marietta Indian Territory grew around the new railroad that connected Texas to Purcell. Brothers Jerry and Bill Washington, a pair of Chickasaw Nation ranchers, owned most of the land, and some say that our city was named after Jerry’s wife, “Marie Etta.” Still others claim the name actually refers to Marietta, Pennsylvania. Either way, the town had a strong agricultural economy, the main crops being grain, hay, and cotton. In 1910, residents built the county courthouse. Today, that building still stands tall and appears in the National Register of Historic Places.

Marietta residents continue the proud tradition of agriculture and local, family-owned business. Our community has always been very supportive of our schools. In Marietta, we understand the importance of educating future generations to succeed in an ever-changing, global society.