After a grassroots movement began in the 1950s to recognize the contribution of classroom teachers, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt took up the cause, and in 1953 convinced Congress that a National Day to honor teachers should be observed. Eventually, that day grew into a week – National Teacher Appreciation Week, held annually the first full week of May.

It’s been a lot of years since then, but it could be argued that the influence of teachers is just as important – if not more so – now than it was then. After all, everybody who is anybody is somebody because of a teacher.

With that thought in mind, this week, all four sites at Marietta Public Schools are celebrating their teachers in special ways.

In middle school, Principal Carrie Tucker organized a treat each day: take ‘n go charcuterie boxes, taco salads, breakfast, and pizza. In the high school, teachers received goodies each day throughout the week, starting off on Monday morning with homemade sausage biscuits.

In the primary and elementary schools, teachers received a plant on Monday, a La Roca lunch on Tuesday, a “Candy Bar” where they filled up a bag with bite-sized candies on Wednesday, and a calendar/planner on Thursday.

 Additionally, teachers received sweet notes of appreciation throughout the week from their students, and some parents even got in on the gratitude by sending cards and gifts.

“I can only say that my appreciation for the dedicated and exceptional staff at Marietta Elementary is profound,” said Principal Dana McMillin. “Their commitment to excellence, tireless efforts, and unwavering passion for education make a remarkable difference in the lives of our students. They go above and beyond to inspire, and our support staff works diligently behind the scenes. Each member of our staff plays an indispensable role in shaping a positive learning environment. I am proud and grateful to lead such a magnificent team of individuals who embody the highest standards of excellence and integrity.”

Education may have changed a lot since the inception of National Teacher Appreciation Week, but one thing remains the same: teachers still have a tough job, and they still deserve a sincere “Thank You!” and a pat on the back, and more often than once a year.

“There are not enough days in the school year to show appreciation for all that our teachers do,” said Superintendent Brandi Naylor. “All of us are where we are today because of a teacher, and Marietta has some of the best around!”