Marietta’s Faulkenberry named state FCCLA officer

You might say that Marietta High School junior Emily Faulkenberry was meant to be a

state FCCLA officer – after all her mom, Amanda, is the advisor. But to say that

discounts an incredible amount of hard work on Emily’s part.

To begin with, let’s put Emily’s being the state’s new Vice President of Competitive

Events into perspective. In Oklahoma, there are over 21,000 FCCLA members. There

are 11 state officers, and each one has to earn the vote of all those members. Pretty

impressive, right?

Next, let’s move on to the process that Emily had to navigate on the way to being a

name on the ballot. First, she filled out an extensive application, then had to take an

extensive FCCLA knowledge test. Then there were the regional and general interviews

that had to be aced, just to be put on the ballot.

After finding out that she made the ballot, Emily recorded a speech that was posted on

the state’s website for the chapters to view. Campaigning is forbidden. At the state

convention, held April 11, FCCLA members from across the state voted, and Emily’s

new title was announced.

She will travel to her first official meeting next week where she’ll be given the full duties

and details of her office. She will be training both district and local officers, helping with

STAR events, basically planning the entire year for FCCLA members from across the


Emily is in select company in Oklahoma, even more so in Marietta. While Marietta has

had other students on the ballot, they’ve had only two serve as state officers: Billie Jean

Hallstead served as the NHA State Secretary in 1955-56 and Ann Perry served as the

State Historian for FHA in 1964-65.

“I have combed through our chapter history in old records and scrap books, and the

FCCLA state website has a comprehensive list that I’ve combed through,” said Amanda.

“It’s just a very big deal to serve as a state officer. The offices are sought after, and the

competition is fierce.”

Emily has competed previously for state office, even making the ballot last year, but not


“I went to my first state convention, and I knew I wanted to be a state officer,” she said.

“I liked the idea of being one of those people who gets to help and who other members

look up to. I can’t wait to be able to help new members find their passion in FCCLA.”

Last year when Emily made the ballot but didn’t get the outcome she wanted, it was

tough. Looking back, she realizes she wasn’t ready.

“But having to overcome that, it made me a better leader and a stronger person,” she

said. “I’ve grown a lot in the last year because of it.”

And just in case you’re thinking that Emily is a one-trick pony – think again.

She is a member of the Student Council, currently serving as student body secretary, a

member of the National Honor Society, and carrying a 4.0 GPA. She is the local 4-H

president, the county 4-H vice president, and the local FCA president. She’s the local

FCCLA president, the Southeast 1 District FCCLA president, and has qualified to

compete at nationals with her STAR Event “Teaching Strategies.” And she’s taking

concurrent college classes.

It’s exhausting just thinking about her schedule. Now she’s adding something new to the

mix, and her response to the added stress? “I can’t wait. I’m so excited to get started.”

Emily’s advisor/mom is pretty excited, too.

“This is what I’ve worked my entire career for. I’ve had one other student who made the

state ballot since I’ve been teaching here and have had lots of district officers,” Amanda

said, “but having a state officer is what every FCCLA teacher strives for. You encourage

and push, and to help your kids get there is so exciting. It’s a lot of work for them, but to

see it pay off is fantastic. And to have it be my daughter – well, that makes it even more