The Oklahoma Youth Expo, held March 12 through 22 at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds, saw over 7,500 youth competitors from programs all over the state of Oklahoma. OYE has come to be recognized as the premier competition for FFA programs – and the competition is stiff – but not too stiff for several members of Marietta’s FFA chapter, who showed the rest of Oklahoma what they’re made of.

In livestock, Marietta’s Colton Rodriguez was fourth in class in Duroc Gilt and Spot Barrow, tenth in class Overall Spot Barrow, and was named Top 10 in class Dark Cross Barrow.

Audriana Rodriguez was Top 20 in class Dark Cross Barrow. Allie Hice was fifth in class Doe, and Zade Bone was tenth place in class Dorset.

In ag mechanics, Brody Bazor had the first place tractor mount and was named Division Champion of the Machinery Division. Axel Pierce won second place in wildlife feeders. Leonel Venegas was the fourth place winner in tandem axle trailers, while Schuyler Blevins came in right behind him in fifth place. Taylor McCleskey won fourth in livestock feeders and Camila Ochoa was the fifth place winner in the large decorative category.

“We’re so proud of our kids,” said advisor Kelsi Kamesch. “OYE brings out the toughest competition in the state, and when our kids see where they stack up, it shows them that their hard work really pays off.”