Marietta FCCLA officers traveled to Oklahoma City on February 21 for FCS Day at the Capitol, an annual event sponsored by the Oklahoma Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences. Day at the Capitol teaches students to advocate for impactful education programs that shape their lives and communities.

Throughout the day, 265 students from across the state developed their advocacy skills.  They received valuable training on effective communication and messaging to prepare them to speak with legislators about the importance of FCS programs. Students were able to meet with lawmakers and engage in one-on-one conversations with elected officials, highlighting the positive impact of FCS education on individuals, families, and communities.

Participants were also able to witness democracy in action by observing live proceedings in both the House of Representatives and the Senate chambers, gaining firsthand experience of the legislative process.

Attending were officers Emily Faulkenberry, Madi Michael, Jayli Sampson, and Ryli Wilkinson. They met and spoke with Senator Chris Kidd and Representative Josh Cantrell.