In a few short weeks, students in public schools all over the State of Oklahoma will be entering a busy time of the year – one that can also be stressful.

Beginning April 4 and continuing until May 11, students at Marietta Public Schools will be completing their state mandated testing, and the district’s administration has released the schedule for that testing, as well as some words of wisdom for parents and students when it comes to their participation in testing.

Although the testing is important for the school and students, District Testing Coordinator Alyson Stokes advises, “Don’t stress about the test, just give it your best!”

Testing begins with the junior ACT test administered on Tuesday, April 4. Because the ACT is a strictly timed test, and students cannot enter after it begins, High School Counselor Tonya Bucher stressed the importance of being on time for school.

Juniors will test two additional days. They’ll take the science test on Tuesday, April 11 and the history test on Wednesday, April 12.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, April 18 and 19, elementary testing begins with the third graders taking the English/Language Arts test. Third graders will continue their testing on Thursday and Friday, April 20 and 21 with the math test.

Meanwhile, middle school testing begins on Thursday, April 20 with the eighth grade writing test.

Fourth grade testing will be completed the week of April 25 through 28. The ELA test will be administered on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 25 and 26, and the math test on Thursday and Friday, April 27 and 28.

During the same week, sixth graders will take their ELA test on April 25, followed by eight graders on Wednesday, April 26, and seventh graders on Thursday, April 27.

Into the first week of May, fifth graders will take their ELA test on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 2 and 3 and their writing test on Thursday, May 4.

That same week will be math testing in the middle school, with the eighth graders testing on Tuesday, May 2, the seven graders on Wednesday, May 3, and the sixth graders on Thursday, May 4.

The middle school testing will finish up on Tuesday, May 9 with the eighth grade science test.

Elementary testing will continue through most of that week, with the fifth grade math test on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 9 and 10. Finally, testing district-wide will be done when the fifth grade finishes its science test on Thursday, May 11.

“I would like to encourage parents and students to get a good night’s sleep the night before their tests, eat a good breakfast – either at home or at school, and be at school on time,” Stokes said. “Students will not be allowed to enter the testing rooms once a session has begun.”

Administrators ask that parents avoid scheduling appointments on testing days and make every possible effort to have their student at school on testing days. If a student misses a test, they will be required to make that test up at a later date.