The Marietta Strong Girls Power Lifting Team has won its second meet of the year, this one at Chickasha on February 16. After winning the overall girls’ title at the Plainview meet held in January, the MHS team dominated again at Chickasha.

Melanie Ortiz and Graicee Hicks took first place in their classes and Jordan Metcalfe finished in second.

Third place finishers were Tanasia Randle, Cece Chiffer, and Haley Wilkerson. Colours Starsick was fourth in her weight class, and Jaycee Arthur tied for fourth place.

In boys’ competition, Titus Higle and Kaden Dudley were in third place in their respective classes.

“Both teams competed well considering the break between meets,” said Coach Alex Doby. “They continue to get stronger every week. We have one more meet at Tishomingo before we head to regionals and we’re looking forward to seeing how we do there.”