The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way schools operate; of this, there is no doubt. And while schools have been forced to cancel some events, Marietta Public Schools will still be celebrating Veteran’s Day, just in a different way.

This year’s celebration of the day will be virtual, including contributions of several different kinds, creating a collage of pictures, videos, and interviews that will be posted to the school’s Facebook page and on the website. Additionally, teachers will be showing the video in their classrooms on Veteran’s Day.

Middle and high school choir students, under the direction of Courteney Starsick-Anderson, will be videoed singing “On Veteran’s Day” and “The Brave,” while band director Eric Gallaway’s middle and high school bands will be recorded playing a selection of patriotic music. Elementary students will be taped singing various patriotic songs from their classrooms.

Added to these musical selections will be interviews of students – from elementary through high school – answering questions about patriotism and what it means to be free. Interviews with local veterans are also scheduled to be included in the video.

Another vital part of the project will be a Veteran’s Wall, complete with pictures and information about several local veterans.

All these contributions will culminate in a schoolwide project unlike anything ever before produced at Marietta Public Schools.

The school’s Veteran’s Day tribute video will be available for public viewing via Facebook and a website link on Tuesday, November 11.