There may be a time when you need to pick-up your primary/elementary student from school early for dentist appointments or other events.  In the past, parents were required to sign out a student.  With our new standard of parents not accessing our building, to keep contact to a minimum, some new procedures have been implemented.


If you need to pick-up a student early call the appropriate office at 580-276-9444. (follow voice prompts) approximately 10 minutes before you arrive at the school.  This will allow the secretary time to locate your student and get them packed up and ready to go.  You may walk up to the office door and buzz and the student will be escorted to you or  if you prefer, once you arrive at the school you may park in front of the building where your student is located and call the office and remain in your car. 


There may be a time when you need to get your student at 3:00 p.m. to be able to drive out of town for a 3:30 appointment.  With the change in traffic flow this may be challenging so we recommend arriving early prior to the formation of the pick-up line.