Student Services and Counseling

We want our students to succeed, both here at Marietta Public Schools and after they graduate high school and move on to college and careers. Please check this page often for updates from our school counselors, information about special services, and other student resources.

Counselors Who Care

Our school counselors are here to help your child have successful educational experiences by providing guidance classes, small group meetings, and other resources. Please feel free to contact them with your questions or concerns.

Kim Fraire
HS Counselor
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Heather McMahon
Elementary School Counselor
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Jan Hayes
MS Counselor
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Special Services

Title VII/Indian Education

Indian Education services include assistance information, appropriate professional development, and collaborative efforts to bridge the gap between the state, tribal nations, and schools. In order to apply for a formula grant under the Indian Education Program, your child's school must determine the number of Indian children enrolled. You may complete and submit this Title VII/Indian Education Eligibility Form if you would like the school to count your child for this purpose.

Gifted and Talented Students

One goal of the Marietta School District is to help develop the potential of the gifted and talented by providing a qualitative, differentiated program that takes into consideration the individual learning styles and special abilities of each student. The district’s Gifted and Talented coordinator coordinates the efforts of teachers who identify and serve these students.

Marietta Indians Say "No" to Bullying

Marietta Indians are committed to preventing bullying. We expect all students to follow these anti-bullying rules:

  1. As Marietta Indians, we refuse to bully.
  2. We will treat each other respectfully.
  3. We will include students who feel left out.
  4. We will report bullying to a trusted adult at school or home.