Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! We’ve addressed some of the most frequently asked questions about our district schools right here. We hope you find the information you’re looking for on this page. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to speak with you in person.

Can my child eat breakfast and lunch at school?

Cafeteria page to view cafeteria rules and school menus and to access the free/reduced meals application.

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Does Marietta Public schools provide transportation to and from school?

Marietta Public Schools provides safe bus transportation to and from school for qualifying students. Students should remember that riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. All students must follow the rules to take advantage of district bus services. Please visit our Transportation page to view bus rules and routes.

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What if my child is late or has to miss school?

Regular attendance is extremely important to your child’s educational success. Marietta schools seek the cooperation of parents in helping your child develop good attendance habits. We expect your child to arrive on time daily. We understand, though, that an illness or family emergency may cause your child to miss school now and then. If your child has been ill, has had a fever, has been vomiting, or has had diarrhea we ask that you keep him/her home for at least 24 hours. To report your child’s absence, please call the school’s front office the same day.

A student may not miss more than 10 days of school per semester. On the eleventh absence in a semester, the student will receive a failing grade in that class. The only absence that will not count toward the student’s overall absences are school-sponsored activities. The following attendance codes will count towards the 10 absences allowed each semester.

  • AE = Explained Absence (A student is allowed to complete school work for explained absences.)
  • AU = Unexcused Absence (A student will not be permitted to make up assignments or tests due to an unexcused absence.)
  • T = Tardy (Three tardies equal one unexcused absence. Arriving more than 30 minutes late in the morning or leaving more than 30 minutes before the end of the day will result in a half an absence.)

Please refer to the building appropriate student handbook for further information related to attendance.

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Is there a dress code at any of the Marietta schools?

Marietta Public Schools bases dress regulations at all district schools on personal cleanliness and appropriate attire.

  • Shorts need to be mid-thigh length.
  • Students may not wear hats, caps, bandannas, headwraps, etc. inside.
  • Students may not wear clothes that allow others to see bare midriffs or undergarments while sitting, walking, or playing.
  • Students may not wear tights unless they wear them with a covering.
  • Students may not wear clothing with suggestive symbols or words.

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What if my child has to take medication at school?

We ask parents to leave all prescription medicines in the office with school personnel. We cannot administer medication at school without a written authorization from the parent, guardian, or physician. You can find this form on our Registration and Immunizations page.

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Will my child have access to the Internet while on campus?

Students can access the Internet for homework and school-related research from our computer lab, library, and some classrooms under the supervision of qualified school personnel. We require all students to abide by the Marietta Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy, which you will find on our Library page. Students are responsible for their behavior on school computer networks.

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What precautions do your schools take in the event of severe weather during school hours?

The law requires all schools to conduct fire, severe weather, and lockdown drills to prepare everyone in case of an emergency. When the fire alarm sounds, teachers and students will exit the building and follow the district’s emergency evacuation procedures. When the severe weather or lockdown alarm sounds, teachers and students will remain in the classroom and follow proper district emergency procedures. If you decide to come and take your child from school during severe weather, please come to the office first, and make every effort to notify the teacher. Classes will resume when the bell signals "all clear."

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How can I get more involved?

Marietta Public Schools encourages parent involvement. Please take the time to introduce yourself to your child’s teacher and let him or her know that you’re interested in getting involved. We also invite you to join the PTO at your school and make your voice heard!

Parents can also support their child’s education in some basic ways, including:

  • Encouraging your child to get plenty of sleep
  • Offering a healthy diet, including a good breakfast (or getting your child to school early enough to eat breakfast in our cafeteria)
  • Helping your child get up in plenty of time for school
  • Providing neat, clean, comfortable clothes

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